A Whitelaw Towers Mission Statement

Due to certain recent events (a bitter pillow fight between members of The Australian Protectionist Party and The Australia First Party) we have deemed it necessary to yet again find our purpose: the one that we sadly lost during the course of this titanic struggle.

Our basic mission is that of Watcher. From behind closed curtains, we watch the enemies of The White Race: those inside our movement, those outside our movement; those lurking around the corner, those who follow us home from the supermarket, and those who circle our homes in their black helicopters, beaming down disinformation. We report what we have seen as soon as is practically possible. Right here on your computer screen where the entire world might access it. Unlike certain other elements we do not ‘make deals’ with perpetrators or ‘sit’ on any vital information, ever. We cannot be bought. We cannot be intimidated by either facts or reasoning.

This mission of ours might be described as the bat-shit antics of two middle-aged men who really should know better, but we prefer to describe ourselves as whistle-blowers, muck-spreaders and internet-warriors for The White Nationalist Movement. When we become aware of disinformation, misinformation, fear, uncertainty, doubt, lies, paranoia, conspiracies, plots, infiltrators, spies, scams, false flag operations and propaganda, we republish it. Right here on your computer screen where the entire world might access it.

We are fiercely independent and will take no orders from anyone, not even our Mums. We will not compromise our political integrity, dilute our racism, lessen our hatred, abandon our fascism, or alter our neo-Nazi Weltanschauung. Others have done this, diluting The Principles of Nationalism, in a vain attempt to placate their critics and appease the very system they despise, merely to find themselves castigated as ‘racists’ or ‘haters’ or ‘fascists’ or ‘neo-Nazis’ anyway.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to The ZOG Controlled Media. You will never read an ‘interview’ with Victor Whitelaw. This is largely because he’s a fictional character invented by one of our authors, Peter Campbell. These fools who think they can ‘use’ The ZOG Controlled Media to further their cause are as stupid and despicable as The Idiot who thinks he can dance with The Devil and then go home safely when the evening has ended, or The Lebanese who thinks he can lead The White Nationalist Movement without becoming the butt of jokes.

There is no greater act of futility than to deliberately misrepresent yourself and get tied up for most of your time explaining who you are NOT. Others have tried to explain this simple concept to us but we’re simply not listening. With Whitelaw Towers you see what you get and you get what you see. There is no Complaints Department, Office of Quality Assurance or Centre for Structural Engineering. We do not apologise, we rarely explain, and we almost never make sense or publish useful information. Except at times such as this, where the lies have become so intolerable, and our haemorrhoids so uncomfortable, something must be said.

Why are we so misguided, stubborn, and viciously stupid? Well, the two principal members of Whitelaw Towers – Jim Perren and Peter Campbell – have been victims of attacks from both The Allegedly Antifa and The So-Called Nationalists. Our spirits have been tempered in The Fire of Political Reality, our minds whipped by The Wind of Social Complexity, and our hearts plunged in The Waters of Lake Titicaca.

Also, make note, The Victor Whitelaw Project is A 14 Words Approved Initiative:


There is nothing whatsoever in our mission statement that can honestly be construed as indicating we adhere to the tenets of any particular Political Party apart from The Australia First Party, that we favour Islam or any other Religion, or that we have views which are anything but kooky. In fact, as should be obvious to any long-term reader of this site, we’re neo-Nazis, we hate Jews, and we excuse our foolishness by claiming to act on behalf of The White Race.

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