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As the late great Dr. William Pierce said on Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing: “Well, I don’t think it was abhorrent. I think it was a tactical error.”

Or was it?

It is difficult to understand things. Like, how can this incident ultimately benefit anyone but the enemies of the White Race?

Or does it?

DecadesofrelentlessMarxistsocialengineering and theresultantdecadentculturalpermissivenessinScandinavia, augmentedbywavesofNegroid‘refugees’ and otherThirdWorldprimitives (fewknowthatOsloistheBlackonWhiterapecapitalofEurope) promotinginsipidliberalism, hasresultedinanalmostentirelybovine’progressive’ and lobotomisedpopulation and Apples. Itwassurelyinevitablethat A Wolf wouldrisefromamong TheSheeple fuelledbytheintensesortofhatredthatcanonlybebornfromthemarginalised and disenfranchisedoutcastsofanutterlycorruptedpopulationofmoralcowards and perverts and Bananas. Thereisnogreatermotivatorthantheunswervingbeliefinone’srighteousnessinthefaceof Evil and thisantagonistwaswellselected and carefullyschooledforthetaskathand and Coconuts.

Thereisnodoubtinthiswriter’smindthatthebomber/gunmanwas‘groomed’by‘interestedparties’ (The Mossad) who, motivatedbyamuchbroader and larger‘big picture’agendapulledthestrings and pushedtheappropriatebuttonstoachievemultiple and evencontradictoryresults and Dates. Firstly, thereisconvincingtheperpetratorthathesucceededinthismissionlargelythroughhisownefforts, therebyreinforcingt TheAuthorities’ abilitytofocus The Sheeples’ attentiononthisonestooge/patsy/fallguywhowillperversely(seemingly)protesthisownguilttosatisfyhisbloatedego and inflatedsenseofselfimportance, factorsforwhichhewasselectedfor‘grooming’inthefirstplace and Elderberries. And, let’sbehonesthere, wereheaware, hemightbequitehappytohavebeen‘used’inthisfashionbyhis‘handlers’simplytoachievehisownmission and theguaranteednotorietythatfollows and Figs. Itcouldwellhavebeenasymbioticrelationship and Grapes.

Thenthereisthebenefitto The System offurtheringthedemonisationof Conservatives/ Traditionalists/ Patriots/ Anti-Immigration Activists/ White Nationalists/ critics of Multiculturalism, aidingthecauseof The Gun Reform Lobby, strengtheningthepositionof Police State advocatesforevergreaterintrusivesurveillanceofcitizens and theerosionofcivilliberties and Honeydews.

A convicted neo-Nazi murderer has an opinion:

War in Europe: Part I – Cui bono?

Many argue that Mr. Breivik was in fact executing orders from Mossad, to punish the Palestine-loving Marxist-governed Norway, but first and foremost to create a false banner for misinformed right-wing extremists to unite under, and that what he was doing was a “false flag” operation.

His manifest is vast, some 1500 pages, and he is pretty thorough in both what he says and what he did. There are a few facts that doesn’t make sense to me. How can he list all the problems caused by different Jews in our history and yet fail to mention even one of them with a single word in his manifest? He attacks the symptoms of the disease Europe is suffering under, but not the cause of the disease.

He is a Freemason too, and that certainly doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Freemasonry is international Jewry at it’s worst; they too are working for a de-construction of all nations on Earth, and to build a global Hebrew temple, enslaving us all under the will of the Jews and their servants, the Freemasons. Well, this explains why he doesn’t say a word about the creators of all the different religions and ideologies now set up to fight against each other.

He is a Christian too. Now, in a sense that does make sense, but why does it make sense? The Jews created Christianity as a religion for non-Jews to follow, so that they too would become worshippers of their Hebrew false “God”, so that the unruly Pagan Europeans would become servants and a powerful tool for the Jews. Whether the Jews created Islam too, or whether they just saw an opportunity coming when it was created is not known, but we do know that the Jews have always promoted conflict between these two religions and indeed they still do. When the Christians grow too strong the Jews support the Muslims to weaken the Christians. When the Muslims grow too strong the Jews support the Christians to weaken the Muslims. They often support both sides too, if both sides are too strong, and they often do in secret. Christians then kill Muslims, and vice versa, whilst the Jews laugh safely in the background, profiting from it all.

Mr. Breivik either went straight into their trap, like so many Christians have done in the past and still do, or he works knowingly for them, again like so many Christians have done in the past and still do. The Christians and the Muslims, ladies and gentlemen, are but soldiers/cannon fodder for the Jews in their mission to enslave us all under their rule.

What Mr. Breivik has said is largely true, in all except in what he doesn’t say; he doesn’t tell us that the Jews are the origin to all these problems, and that they were created by the Jews to hurt us. All we have to do to make this act of violence favourable to us is to make this clear to everyone; the Jews created Marxism, feminism, Christianity (need I tell you that Jesus and not least Paulus/Saul were both Jews?), so-called psychology, banking (“money lending”), the hippie-movement and all other ideologies and movements which are aimed to destroy and de-construct all nations in Europe. Behind each and every one of them you will find a Jew (or some times a Freemason)!

How could you miss that out, Mr. Breivik?

Working for the Jews, are you Mr. Breivik, to unite all European right-wing extremists under your false banner? To make sure the focus on the Jewish enemy of Europe is moved to something else? Or maybe you don’t even know that you have been used by sinister Jews?

So now not only Christians kill Muslims, and vice versa. Right wing extremists are supposed to kill left-wing extremists too and vice versa I assume? Is that the plan? You did this to recruit and make even the right-wing extremists fight for the Jews?

Who benefits from this? Israel does! The Jews do! None of our aggression will be directed at them were it all should be directed. We will be fighting each other instead, whilst they move about in the background, out of the spotlight, and profit from our suffering, and in secret tighten the chains of slavery around our waists and ankles.

Oh, and by the way; true nationalists don’t kill children of their own nation, even if someone tries to brainwash them, like AUF did. They were not (yet) Marxist extremists; they were just children.

Varg Vikernes
Bergen the 24th of July 2011

Defend Alex Fogerty!

Recently, a Communist Homosexualist attacked our comrade Alex Fogerty’s key role in preventing New Zealand from further degenerating into a political cesspool run by and for the exclusive benefit of Bi-Racial Cross-Dressers.

Comrade Fogerty is right to be concerned about New Zealand’s future under its ridiculous electoral system. He is also right to argue-as he did on the Australian New Nation forum in 2009- that so-called “Racism” is in fact Healthy and Natural, Interracial Sex is an Abomination, The Asian Invasion Must Be Stopped and The Welfare State is A Failure and Must Be Abolished:

Delos’ Rant – Unobtainable Goals

For almost 80 years we have experimented with the welfare state. What have the consequences been? Do our children get a decent education? NO. Do most people retire with enough money to live in comfort? NO. Do we get healthcare when we need it? NO. Have we eradicated poverty? NO.

We have also been treated to his thoughts on The Genetic Potential for Civilization:

Delos’ Rant – Genetic Potental For Civilisation

I have often wondered if there is a genetic “critical mass” that allows civilisation to take off. I postulated a few years back that democracy cannot exist when the average IQ drops below a certain point – I have speculated 75 but it could be higher…

Comrade Fogerty is A Patriot Who Loves His Country and His Race. The staff at Whitelaw Towers do not agree with his decision to pursue these Interests within the National Party, but we are outraged at this savage Queer Marxist attack upon a man who wants no more than a White, Happy, Safe, Intelligent New Zealand.

Death to ZOG!