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Defend Alex Fogerty!

Recently, a Communist Homosexualist attacked our comrade Alex Fogerty’s key role in preventing New Zealand from further degenerating into a political cesspool run by and for the exclusive benefit of Bi-Racial Cross-Dressers.

Comrade Fogerty is right to be concerned about New Zealand’s future under its ridiculous electoral system. He is also right to argue-as he did on the Australian New Nation forum in 2009- that so-called “Racism” is in fact Healthy and Natural, Interracial Sex is an Abomination, The Asian Invasion Must Be Stopped and The Welfare State is A Failure and Must Be Abolished:

Delos’ Rant – Unobtainable Goals

For almost 80 years we have experimented with the welfare state. What have the consequences been? Do our children get a decent education? NO. Do most people retire with enough money to live in comfort? NO. Do we get healthcare when we need it? NO. Have we eradicated poverty? NO.

We have also been treated to his thoughts on The Genetic Potential for Civilization:

Delos’ Rant – Genetic Potental For Civilisation

I have often wondered if there is a genetic “critical mass” that allows civilisation to take off. I postulated a few years back that democracy cannot exist when the average IQ drops below a certain point – I have speculated 75 but it could be higher…

Comrade Fogerty is A Patriot Who Loves His Country and His Race. The staff at Whitelaw Towers do not agree with his decision to pursue these Interests within the National Party, but we are outraged at this savage Queer Marxist attack upon a man who wants no more than a White, Happy, Safe, Intelligent New Zealand.

Death to ZOG!