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Sex sex sex!

The staff here at Whitelaw Towers have noticed that there has been some awfully torrid sexual innuendo floating about recently. Indeed, White Nationalist circles are awash with a number of very odd rumours regarding the repressed (homo-)sexuality of some of its leading proponents. It may seem extremely unlikely that these tales are true, but who’s to say? Certainly, an obsessive preoccupation with racial purity often goes hand-in-hand with another regarding sexual hygiene. Hitler himself was a sexual pervert of some renown.

Of course, at Whitelaw Towers, we merely report.

You decide.

In that spirit we offer the following for your edification, taken from David Greason’s book “I was a teenage fascist”.

The talk was full of backslapping and in-jokes, poetic parodies of far-right fantasies (‘If the Sons of Zion get up your nostrils/Just holler for Duke and his Crusading Apostles. He’ll get those niggers off your streets/Just put on your hoods, and your white bedsheets.’), and lots and lots and lots of boys will be boys comforters, with their references to homosexuality. Again, there were songs for this. ‘Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton/up some southern boy’s bottom…’

One member, who was indisputably heterosexual, had a theory that the degenerate aspects of homosexuality (liberal politics, disco) were only recent, and that its Grecian manifestations on the battlefield were noble and Aryan. That was another piece of wisdom I took on board. Virtually all the members had their own stories of near-seductions bravely fought off. [Jim Saleam’s] involved a breadknife, a hand in the wrong place and a former leader of the [National Socialist Party of Australia]. Nationalist politics did indeed have its risks.

It should be pointed out that there was a disproportionate number of homosexuals in the NSPA, a couple of whom were in the Alliance. The same went for drug dealers. And prostitutes, for that matter. A couple of them would work the streets occasionally to raise funds for the party, although one suspects the bulk of their working time would have been taken up by raising funds for their husbands. Party business could always wait. No one really seemed to mind such pursuits at the end of the day, although there was a lot of sniggering. It appeared to be acceptable if you were a colorful enough character. One of our national executive members was reputed to have been a kept boy in his late teens, which only added to his popularity – again it separated the Alliance men from the League of Rights boys or whatever.

It was more accommodated than condoned, yet the assumption was that there was something both attractive and revolting about the sexually unorthodox: the ideal National Alliance sexual act would no doubt have involved the member reflecting on the hopelessness of bourgeois liberal society while being blown by a forty-dollar junkie whore. Such liberalism wasn’t to be found in party policy, however. Homosexual rights were yet another manifestation of the liberal death-wish. I really didn’t think it was any of our business, and at least in the Alliance there were members who would agree with me, that is, if any of us were brave enough to express such an opinion seriously. I mean, it could happen to the best of us.

In reference to the sexually unorthodox, we note with some concern that the impostors at “Whitetrash Sewers” recently chose to promote the views of fellow White Nationalist Kevin Alfred Strom, a man sentenced in April 2008 to 23 months in prison for possession of child pornography. And as with FDB everything they have said will be around as long as this blog survives.

Embarrassed at their promotion of a man with such a sordid past, “Whitetrash Sewers” removed the post in question when the facts of his horrible record were finally brought to their attention. Sadly, “Whitetrash Sewers” failed to provide any explanation for their sudden reversal. Are they truly that ignorant of the glorious history of White Nationalism? For their own sake’s, the answer must be ‘Yes’.

We were also bemused to discover that the authors of “Whitetrash Sewers” have recently become fashion critics, cattily attacking actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Jessica Parker and pop stars Pink, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse (a “well fed Israeli Princess who’s been living off Goyim children’s blood and Palestinian body parts since childhood”) for their bad fashion sense and, well, Jewishness.

The staff here at Whitelaw Towers can only assume that the inhabitants of “Whitetrash Sewers” are beauteous and lovely youth. And who knows, perhaps this story will have a happy ending after all…

Neo-Nazi Gay Love Blooms in Brotherhood

Chuck Wilson
The Village Voice
August 4, 2010

The Danish film Brotherhood, which won “Best Film” at last year’s Rome International Film Festival, arrives with a scenario that makes it easy to dismiss: Two young men, both members of a neo-Nazi street gang, fall in love. Sounds trashy, sounds silly, but first-time director Nicolo Donato, who wrote the screenplay with Rasmus Birch, and a superb ensemble refuse to wink, resulting in a film that constantly subverts expectation. Recently dismissed from the Danish army, 22-year-old Lars (Thure Lindhardt) falls in with a small gang of ultra-nationalist thugs whose leader (Nicolas Bro) sees potential in the smart, literate Lars. Eventually, Lars is sent to live with Jimmy (David Dencik), the leader’s brooding second-in-command, in a small house he’s remodeling for one of the group’s rich patrons. And there, as promised, the two men slowly fall in love. This still sounds like a potboiler, but here’s the thing: What lingers in the mind about Brotherhood isn’t the details of the plot but the soulful tension between Lars and Jimmy, whose merest glance at one another is a complex mix of passion, need, and fear. These guys are bigoted and violent, and don’t in any way deserve redemption, but you may find yourself hoping that they find it anyway.